Who is Kristov Atlas?

  • Security Consultant
    Hired to evaluate network and application security for organizations ranging from small Bitcoin wallet startups to some of the largest corporations in the world.
  • Privacy Researcher
    Disclosed critical weaknesses in the world's most popular Bitcoin privacy service, Blockchain.info's SharedCoin tool.
  • Crypto-currency Auditor
    Selected by the Darkcoin community and development team to evaluate the privacy technology and source code of Darkcoin, the world's most prominent privacy-centric crypto-currency.
  • Bitcoin Speaker
    Invited to a variety of television shows, podcasts, and conferences including The Glenn Beck TV show, Let's Talk Bitcoin, the Bitcoin in the Beltway Washington, D.C. conference, and more. Check out the Media tab above to view some of these appearances.

    Contact Kristov via e-mail at
    author [at] anonymousbitcoinbook.com

    or on Twitter @anonymouscoin.