About The Book:

Purchase includes multiple DRM-free formats of the e-book (iBook for iPad and Mac, PDF) and entitles you to download of all future updates to the book until the next edition is published (approximately 6–12 months)Software is quickly changing in this space, so expect semi-monthly updates with the latest walk-through updates and software recommendations by Kristov Atlas.

Chapter 1 describes a dark scenario in which a criminal gang seeks to steal part or all of your bitcoins. As unlikely as this scenario might be, it presents a model for the worst-case adversary of a bitcoin owner, and illustrates potential motivations for anonymous ownership of bitcoins.

Chapter 2 explains the basic elements of Bitcoin required in order to understand how to own bitcoins anonymously.

Chapter 3 explains exactly what anonymity entails and how it applies to Bitcoin.

Chapter 4 provides more in-depth analysis on how Bitcoin anonymity can be taken away from owners.

Chapter 5 presents multiple approaches for the anonymous purchasing of bitcoin ownership, and provides a systematic walk-through of the most recommended method for doing so.

Chapter 6 explains how to keep your bitcoins anonymous after purchase until you’re ready to send them to someone else.

Chapter 7 explores the tricky task of trading your bitcoins for other currencies, products, and services without compromising your anonymity.

Chapter 8 takes a look into the future of up-and-coming software projects that will define the coming months and years of Bitcoin anonymity.